After submitting your application first time, Dream Foundation charges an application fee to cover the administrative costs. With this fee you can submit applications for up to 6 courses. You will receive an invoice shortly after the application has been accepted by the Dream Foundation and find the payment details there.

Please make sure to select the correct country or region when initiating your application. This ensures that the invoice will be issued in the correct currency and amount.

Region Application fee
Information will be published soon!

Please note that additional documents validation fee 180€ may be added when applying from outside EU/EEA region from a country Dream Foundation is notrepresented in.

What does the application fee include?

The application fee includes the following:

  • With a single application fee you can apply for several courses from different institutions using our electronic application form, however we do recommend to choose not more than 3-4 courses.
  • The fee covers all document handling costs. We will prepare all the necessary paperwork and send it to the institutions so you don't have to worry about all the details.
  • In case of any problems, the application fee includes support and advice throughout the whole process.
  • Depending on the county there may also be some additional activities held that are included in the application fee, for example pre-departure meetings etc.

All consultations are free of charge. Just find some interesting courses and submit your application. We will look through your data, check for any errors or problems and give you feedback - this will not cost you anything. You will receive an invoice only if your application is accepted by Dream Foundation.

What is the advantage code?

Dream Foundation hands out special promotional coupons on different events, fairs or promotes the code through different other channels. If you have received one of such codes, your application fee will be lower. You can enter the code while submitting the application

How do I pay the fees?

After your application is sucessfully submitted, you will be issued an invoice concerning the application fee and the language test fee. Both fees are usually grouped together on a single invoice that you can pay according to the payments methods available in your region. Your application will be forwarded to the institution(s) as soon as the invoice is paid.

If you want to re-take the language test, you will receive a separate invoice.

Please note that on the primary language test day, your test will not be available if you haven't paid your invoice. If you are late with your payment, consult with your regional representative about a possible cash payment on the spot.