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University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria
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Application fee €79 one-time

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In 2016, 9 trillion gigabytes of data were produced worldwide and the growth curve in the amount of data generated continues to be exponential. Every smartphone, credit card or Amazon user, every driver with a navigation device in the car and every shopper with a customer card generates such data streams on a daily basis. This flood of data, an expression of our behavior, our preferences and routines, holds enormous information potential.

With data science methods, all of this information can be linked to extract new, unexpected and valuable knowledge. Those who find patterns and dependencies can make faster and more well-founded decisions, make processes more effective and save costs.

In the Master’s program in Data Science and Engineering, the necessary skills from the areas of data analytics and computer science are imparted, which are supplemented by domain knowledge from biomedical data analysis or data analysis in marketing and production.

Programme structure

The master’s degree in data science and engineering with two specializations in biomedical data analysis or data analysis in marketing and production is not only focused on the technical and mathematical aspects of data science. It also prepares the graduates for the future professional field of data scientists by deepening their interdisciplinary knowledge from the application domains.

Focus of the training

_Structure of data understanding: data selection, data integration and data preparation, linking, transformation and indexing of various data sources, development of meaningful data representations and visualizations
-Data storage and management in combination with big data and cloud technologies, also for real-time data
-Data analysis with methods from the areas of computational intelligence and statistics for the creation of forecast models to answer a specific question from the company
-Computer vision methods for extracting knowledge from image data
-Practice-related projects for data analysis with cooperation partners from the domains of biomedicine, marketing and production

Career opportunities

Graduates of the master’s degree in Data Science and Engineering are able to generate information from large amounts of data and derive recommendations for action that enable the company to work more efficiently. To do this, they use innovative analysis methods and develop queries that generate valuable information from confusing amounts of data. Subsequently, hypotheses are derived, which are checked and prepared for management as a basis for decision-making.

The aim is to train data scientists as data architects with strategic vision, well-founded analytical skills and distinctive technical competencies and to prepare them for taking on demanding tasks in the data science and big data environment.

-Analysis of data or data models, IT landscapes and business processes with regard to the need and the introduction of new approaches to knowledge extraction
-Design of processes for extracting, cleaning and transforming data
-Modeling of data schemes for the integration and analysis of data
-Use of data mining and statistical methods as well as development of forecast models
-Conception of solutions for processing and analyzing data in real time using the latest analytical tools and big data technologies
-Visualization of data and preparation of analytical findings
-Communication, development and presentation of solutions to the decision-makers (specialist departments and management)

Apply now! Fall semester 2021/22
Application period has ended

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Apply now! Fall semester 2021/22
Application period has ended

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States