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Engineering is a diverse subject area, touching on nearly every aspect of our modern lives. Engineers make contributions to the water we drink, the food we eat, the design of our homes and the efficiency of transportation. The General Engineering programme is designed to give you the flexibility to explore the various disciplines before choosing your specialist field.

In an increasingly connected and collaborative engineering environment, understanding of each engineering discipline is essential. Therefore the first year teaching will cover the fundamentals of a variety of engineering subject areas to provide this foundational knowledge. This will develop your teamwork skills with other engineering students, operating across traditional boundaries to develop innovative solutions to the problems of the future. This approach is favoured by our industrial partners, producing well-rounded, knowledgeable graduates. From the second year onwards you will specialise in the branch of engineering of your choice.

In the School of Engineering we have world leading experts in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering. They are working on a diverse range of projects from fluid mechanics, to developing the latest satellite technology or improving power generators.

Birmingham engineering graduates are creative, highly-skilled problem solvers with a solid understanding of how they, and other engineering disciplines, can directly improve the world around them.

Programme structure

Year one

Year 1
Title Credits Semester
Electrical Engineering 1
In this module, the fundamentals of electronic and electrical engineering are covered. It will begin with analogue circuits describing the fundamentals of circuit analysis and the design of analogue devices. The fundamentals of digital systems will then be covered using Boolean algebra and related techniques to analyse digital circuits up to an introduction to flip flops. Finally electrical power and machinery systems will be introduced. 20 1 & 2
Engineering Materials
The aim of the module is to introduce the range of materials and their key properties used in engineering in order to allow them to select the appropriate materials for a given application. The module also introduces fundamental science that determines the electrical or mechanical properties of materials, such as atomic / molecular structures. In addition students will also be introduced to software which will allow them to model the properties and behaviour of engineering materials and analyse the results of experiments. 10 2
Engineering Mathematics 1
The module aims to enhance student knowledge and understanding of the mathematics used in engineering and to develop the skills of its use. 20 1 & 2
Fluid Mechanics and Energy Transfer
In this module, the fundamentals of fluid mechanics and energy conservation, and introduce associated engineering applications. 20 1 & 2
Integrated Design Project 1
The aim of the module is to introduce students to the design process and the skills employed therein, within an engineering context. 20 1 & 2
Computing for Engineers
The aim of this module is to introduce engineers to computers and computer programming using an important modern programming language which has applications from small embedded systems to supercomputers. 10 1
Mechanics 1
In this module, the mathematics and scientific principles related to mechanics in the context and application in engineering. The module covers: general principles, the mechanical properties of material and the basic principles of analysis, all underpinned with essential mathematics. Where relevant, historical examples are embedded into the module in order to provide context for the taught material. 20 1 & 2
Year two and three
Depending on your choice of specialism, your second and third year module information can be found on one of the following pages:

Civil Engineering BEng
Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering BEng
Mechanical Engineering BEng

Apply now! Fall semester 2021/22
Application deadline
1 Jun 2021 23:59:59
Europe/Budapest time

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Apply now! Fall semester 2021/22
Application deadline
1 Jun 2021 23:59:59
Europe/Budapest time

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States