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Programme structure

The fascinating concept of this interdisciplinary degree programme is based on the following core competences:

Sales and Sales Management
You will be able to conceptualiz, evaluate, push forward and control strategic sales decisions. You will understand the manifold layers of the subject „Sales“ out of the perspective of e.g. innovation, cross cultural management, purchase and develop logical alternatives for proactive action for yourself.

Cross-cultural Sales and Management
You will get a profound introduction to cultural differences and similarities around the globe in order to enable you to react in a professional way when faced with challenges of that kind. The compulsory semester abroad and field trips will give you further profound cross-cultural insights.

B2B Marketing
You will be able develop and push forward strategic Marketing concepts for investment goods including background challenges of cross- cultural character. You will aquire a profound knowledge of the specifics of organisational buying behavior and you will be able to take Marketing-related decisions on the basis of profound analyses.

Practical skills
As a „University of Applied Sciences“ programme, we connect a complex structure of the scientific backgrounds needed with the immediate application in real industrial life, especially in the EU as the home market and in emerging markets.

Management and leadership skills
A special module will give you the chance to develop good insights into management and leadership challenges of an international job profile.

In semester 3, the programme offers an intensive specialization in both B2B-Marketing and Sales Management in order to deepen your knowledge in these fields.

The geografical focus of the programme is on the EU as the “home market” and on emerging markets.

Career opportunities

The management of global B2B and service markets needs enthusiastic sales oriented leadership personalities who are able to develop and push forward complex sales processes for specific markets and their cultures.
The basis for all that is a profound understanding of organisational buying behavior und the development and management of marketing- and sales concepts for complex combinations of products and services for international markets with cross cultural challenges.

Apply now! Fall semester 2023/24
Application period has ended
Please see the university profile or contact us for the deadlines that apply to you
Apply now! Fall semester 2023/24
Application period has ended
Please see the university profile or contact us for the deadlines that apply to you