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MScEuropean Master in Renewable Energy

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One of Europe’s biggest challenges is designing the transition towards a sustainable energy system based on renewable energy. Energy scarcity and environmental problems are major challenges. There is a need for highly skilled professionals with fundamental interdisciplinary knowledge, skills and tools to tackle these challenges and find new solutions.

The combination of technical, strategic, social and environmental issues encountered in the energy transition represents a significant multidisciplinary approach. It requires more senior technical professionals and highly educated engineers who can work with experts from other disciplines and carry out applied scientific research to come up with practical solutions, by doing applied research, consultancy work or providing strategy and policy advice.

The European Master in Renewable Energy offers you a great way to start or boost your career in the energy sector. Successful completion of the master makes you a renewable energy engineer with a fundamental understanding of the technologies and techniques in the energy sector and rewards you with a Master of Science degree. This is a master’s programme for technicians.

Career opportunities

Completing the European Master in Renewable Energy gives you a technical and systems perspective of energy transition challenges with a focus on renewables. You will be able to design, test, and implement new technologies with a systemic and interdisciplinary approach, making you essential to the whole energy industry.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment