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BA (Hons)Business (Information Systems)

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Programme structure

The BA (Hons) in Business with a pathway in Information Systems is a six-semester, three-year program (180 ECTS) which is designed with an interdisciplinary focus. Courses comprise of formative and summative assessment as well as group work and presentations.

This pathway provides students with a comprehensive understanding of business and management concepts, as well as detailed knowledge of information systems including data base design and the latest in information technologies through specialized courses of this pathway.

In the first year of this honors degree course, students will be given a thorough grounding with core courses in management, organization, marketing, finance, IT and economics as they relate to business. In the second and third years, they will build on this knowledge to gain an advanced understanding of these key areas, as well as acquire specific knowledge and skills relating to information systems. Their studies culminate in a final year capstone research project.

The BA (Hons) in Business (Information Systems)* prepares students for future careers in global business ventures and large international organizations. In addition, after graduating, students will competently:

Demonstrate technical and analytical skills to formulate and evaluate relevant options and solutions in a variety of business contexts.
Apply systems development processes and methodologies to analyse, design, model and implement data and information systems using current software tools.
Assess knowledge and information, tools, and techniques in a critical way to confidently adapt to changing business environments.
Evaluate data and information derived through research to ensure relevant new knowledge is continually incorporated to enhance business planning and decision making.
Demonstrate interpersonal skills of effective listening, negotiation, persuasion, and presentation in individual and group situations.
Display an in‐depth understanding of the inter‐relationships between business functions and business processes and their impact on product and service provision.
Apply diagnostic and creative skills in the solution of business problems showing an interdisciplinary approach to resolution.
Demonstrate a capacity to contribute to business development and enhanced strategic decision-making.

Career opportunities

Upon the successful completion of any of EU’s bachelor’s degrees, graduates have a wide array of career options and business opportunities available to them. In response to the growing demand for flexible and entrepreneurial business professionals, EU’s programs are designed to foster the skills required for a successful career in the international business arena.

EU’s graduates possess an international mindset, multicultural awareness and are innovative thinkers. This makes them ideal candidates for positions at large, multinational companies and dynamic, disruptive entrepreneurs ready to start their own businesses.

Career Options

Graduates of the Business (Information Systems) degree* may pursue a variety of career paths due to the relevant, diverse nature of skills obtained throughout the program in both business and technology. Students who successfully complete this degree may be interested in the following job positions:

-Database Developer

-Information Systems & Technology Manager

-IT Consultant

-Business Intelligence Specialist

Areas of Work

This BA (Hons) in Business with a pathway in Information Systems provides students with a solid foundation and skillset in business as well as the skills, knowledge and competences in the use of systems and related technologies to control and manage organizational data and information. Graduates often work in the following professional fields:

Business Analysis
ICT Management
Software Development
Web Development

Apply now! Fall semester 2023/24
Application period has ended
Please see the university profile or contact us for the deadlines that apply to you
Apply now! Fall semester 2023/24
Application period has ended
Please see the university profile or contact us for the deadlines that apply to you