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Programme structure

Foundations of Modern Management and Organisational Analysis
This module, taught during your induction, will introduce you to the key elements of organisational management for commercial successs. Through analysis of historical roots, you will develop an understanding of the current practices for managing customers, shareholders, and employees, and discuss how numbers and technology influence management decision-making.

Foundations in Professional Development
This module will provide you with an introduction to personal and team based development, through facilitated group work, individual consultations, personal and group reflective exercises, and experiential open space learning. You will look at self-awareness and gap identification, personality type indicators (e.g. Myers Briggs), personal development planning, goal and target setting networking strategies, team building, leadership and management roles, working effectively in cross-cultural teams, giving and receiving feedback, presentation skills, and academic skills for UK Universities.

Financial Analysis and Markets
This module draws together content from microeconomics, accounting, finance, and business analysis, providing you with a broad understanding of the management of decision-making, control and reporting. You will be introduced to project management skills and a range of financial and quantitative analysis and evaluation techniques. You will look at reporting and management accounting techniques and how these are applied at the organisational and industry level, including sources of funding, business planning, structuring for growth, capital budgeting, cost allocation, key performance indicators and critical international dimensions, such as comparative accounting and transfer pricing. You will examine the interplay between organisations and society, considering current issues in modern capital markets, financial institutions and corporate governance, as well as learning about the importance of risk, ethics, sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Consumers and Markets
This module will provide you with an introduction to marketing management, global brands and consumers, integrated marketing communications with a focus on social and digital media, marketing research, and marketing the self. You will take a hands-on approach, including brainstorming and the creation of communication campaigns, brand audits, and market research. You will look at consumer behaviour, segmentation, targeting and positioning, brand management, and the ‘Four Ps’ (product, price, place and promotion), with consideration for ethical issues inherent to marketplace development. You will see how brand equity is determined and how brand image is managed, encompassing consumers’ cultural differences and international brand launches. Utilising a social and digital media focus, you will develop a plan to creatively engage consumers, while at the same time delivering a unified message across platforms. You will also undertake a portfolio of activities aimed at enhancing your employability skills, including writing effective cover notes, filling in job application forms, putting together a résumé, interview techniques, giving presentations and networking.

Strategy, Technology and Operations in a Globalising World
In this module you will explore what is meant by globalisation from a strategic, technological and operational context. You will survey the globalised environment before considering the key concepts of strategic management, information technology and operations. You will develop an understanding of business in a dynamic global context and how sustainable development may be achieved, with an awareness of the increasing importance placed on organisations to take responsibility for achieving this. You will develop a critical understanding of globalisation from different strategic and operational perspectives, starting with an appreciation of the development of international trade, regulation and the functioning of the global economy. You will also look the analytical tools deployed by companies operating with a globalised context to solves the issues and challenges that they encounter.

People, Leadership and Organisations
This module draws together key concepts from human resource management, leadership and organisation theory and the philosophy of management. You will develop a broad understanding of the management of individuals and groups in organisations, considering the functions of management and leadership, and their scope and limitations, in different organisational contexts. You will look at a wide range of organisational phenomena, including motivation, teamwork, culture and change management. You will examine the impact of labour markets and other factors on the changing nature of human resource management over recent years, focusing on the core human resources issues that firms have to deal with in a globalising economy. You will explore human resource management strategies in multinational corporations, with discussion on how workforces are managed across national borders. You will also see how philosophical issues, techniques and skills can contribute to individuals’ effectiveness as managers.

Crossing Cultures (International Study Visit)
This capstone module uses a residential study visit to provide you with a rounded consideration of organisations and their functions from an international perspective. You will gain insights into the cultural, legal and political aspects of the local market, through company visits and discussions with leading academics and industry practitioners.

Business Consultancy
This module will provide you with a clear understanding of the function and importance of the consultancy sector. You will develop an understanding of the consultancy process, gaining insights into key analytical tools and techniques commonly applied, and through the use of case studies and examples, will consider good practice, including consideration of ethical consulting principles. In groups, you will offer practical consultancy on a case set by an organisational partner, addressing a current and material business problem. Where possible, cross-functional challenges will be offered to enable you to put the skills and knowledge gained across your MBA into practice. You will work with the partner organisation to scope the study and gather relevant secondary research, and collect primary research using a range of techniques such as market analysis, interviews, focus groups, participant observations and questionnaires. You will prepare your analysis and make management recommendations in a presentation to the partner organisation.

Individual Business Project
In this capstone module you will be given a topic, drawn from current issues faced by businesses, and you will be expected to identify and select an organisational or industry context. You will expected to undertake a substantial review of secondary sources, comprising both academic journals and industry publications. Using relevant market research techniques, you will undertake a substantive and unique primary research study, providing a critical analysis with key insights. You will be asked to make justified and feasible managerial suggestions, prepare an executive summary, and deliver a presentation to communicate your findings.

Career opportunities

On graduating with a MBA from Royal Holloway you will be ready for the challenges inherent in making your next step towards senior management roles. By spending a year in business you will have the experience that employees value and will therefore give you the competitive edge, as well as having created valuable business connections. Throughout the course you will receive career planning and development, as it forms an integral part of the Royal Holloway MBA.

Recent graduates appointments have included Associate Director (Global Strategic Growth Markets) at Ernst and Young, Senior Chain Manager and Buyer at Jaguar Landrover, Senior Commercial Manager at Everything Everywhere, Financial Analyst EMEA at Shell International Petroleum Company and Marketing Manager at Wrigley Jr Company.

The Personal Development Programme is fully integrated into the core curriculum, ensuring that students have continual access to individual careers coaching, up-to-date job market information, corporate speaker sessions and skills workshops.

The MBA Personal Development Portfolio is designed to build on the management skills you already have. It incorporates training in presentation skills, CV writing, interview technique, negotiation, leadership, handling conflict and dealing with the media.

Apply now! Fall semester 2023/24
Application period has ended
Please see the university profile or contact us for the deadlines that apply to you
Apply now! Fall semester 2023/24
Application period has ended
Please see the university profile or contact us for the deadlines that apply to you