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Programme structure

Core courses

Adjustment and Well-Being
The course will cover a variety of topics in adjustment and well-being (happiness and fulfilment) delivered by experts on the topics. These will include, for example, conceptual issues in adjustment and well-being, research methods in adjustment and well-being, the links of personality traits to well-being, methods to help people with mental disorders adjust to their situation as necessary.

Advanced and Applied Research Techniques
You will explore many of the key research techniques that are used in applied areas of research. You will develop an advanced understanding of current techniques and be able to evaluate and critique them.

Clinical Assessment and Treatment Approaches
This course will explore instruments that mental health professionals use to assess patients, as well as assess evidence-based treatment approaches to disorders.

Professional Clinical Practice and Skills
This course will explore important information, concepts, theory and professional practice that clinical and counselling psychologists must be aware of, such as increasing awareness of health care structures (e.g. NHS), concerns surrounding the DSM, controversies in diagnosis, and communication skills.

Statistics for Research
You will be provided with an overview and basic understanding of advanced statistical methods used in psychology and neuroscience research, including hands-on experience applying these methods to specific problems. The unit will provide a methodological foundation if you wish to pursue research in disciplines allied to the MSc course.

Clinical Dissertation
You will be provided with the possibility to complete a systematic review or to carry out an original piece of research on a topic of your interest within the broad area of clinical psychology. You will be given the necessary support during the conception, conduct and writing up of your research.

Optional courses
In addition to the core courses, students choose one of the following options:

Psychology in Applied Settings
The module aims to help students understand the challenges but also benefits of conducting research in applied settings, as compared to laboratory settings. After discussing general opportunities and challenges in conducting psychological research in applied settings, the module will cover a variety of topics in applied psychology delivered by experts on the topics and practitioners. These may vary each year, but can include selected topics in organisational psychology, forensic psychology, educational psychology, counselling psychology, and applied social psychology. Some examples of topics are: Eye witness testimony in the court, parenting interventions, understanding donations.

Topics in Psychological Science
Seminars will adopt an interactive, discussion-based style, focused around a topical research paper or a wider issue relating to psychological science. The topics for discussion will be drawn from a broad range of research areas, including neuroscience, cognition and social psychology. Many of the discussions will be student-led, and the topics for these sessions will reflect individual students’ particular areas of interest. The taught module will be complemented by a series of departmental research seminars, through which students will be able to hear about the latest research from a variety of external speakers.

Cognitive, Social and Neuroscience Approaches for Forensic Investigations
In this module you will develop an understanding of cognitive, social and neuroscience approaches to forensic psychology. You will look at social approaches to different victim and offender groups, the neuroscience of psychopathy, interviewing victims, physiological approaches to deception, detection, and the role of eyewitness identifications in the legal system. You will also examine receiver operating characteristic (ROC) analysis and confidence relationships as they apply to decision makers and estimator and system variables.

Clinical Psychology Placement
The placement is designed to offer students the option to gain practical work experience within the area of clinical psychology. Students will have to secure their own placement, which will allow the freedom to choose placements that best suit their career plans and the expectation is that these choices and the subsequent placement experiences will provide a clear enhancement to student CVs for future applications to courses such as the DClinPsy or for jobs in the health sector.

Career opportunities

Graduate with a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology at Royal Holloway, University of London and you’ll be well-placed to progress to further postgraduate study or to a rewarding career in mental health. The skills and knowledge you’ll gain while studying Clinical Psychology will be of immense benefit if you wish to apply to a DClin Psy programme, and subsequently go on to practice as a clinical psychologist.

Please note that this MSc does not lead to a professional qualification as a clinical psychologist, nor does this module guarantee you entry onto a Clinical Psychology doctorate programme.

Royal Holloway’s Department of Psychology is one of the most highly regarded psychology departments in the country, and we work hard to provide our students with the help and advice they need to achieve their postgraduate career ambitions. We hold annual ‘Meet the Grads’ events where students can get help and advice from our successful alumni, while a dedicated online forum provides students with the information they need to prepare for postgraduate life.

Apply now! Fall semester 2023/24
Application period has ended
Please see the university profile or contact us for the deadlines that apply to you
Apply now! Fall semester 2023/24
Application period has ended
Please see the university profile or contact us for the deadlines that apply to you