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Programme structure

The students acquire knowledge in engineering and business-legal subjects and train their skills in the areas of project management and English.

Planning and construction of process engineering systems
“Balance of plant” – the entire area outside the actual process engineering plant, such as: concrete and steel construction, pipelines and transport technology, insulation and corrosion protection, infrastructure, plant automation, safety technology
Purchase and acceptance testing of equipment parts, transport to the construction site, storage, assembly, assembly acceptance
Materials and welding processes relevant to plant construction (delivery conditions, test certificates, weldability, testing of welds, corrosion protection measures, causes and occurrence of material failure)
Evaluation of plant construction projects and definition of measures to avoid repetition of errors
Economic and legal skills
Project management and control (deadline monitoring and cost monitoring) for plant construction projects
Risk analysis and claim management for plant construction projects
international contract law and elements and design options for plant construction contracts
Basics of Austrian and international tax law relevant to plant engineering
Social skills
In-depth knowledge of English – presentation, discussion and negotiation as well as reporting
Assumption of coordination and management tasks
Team and communication skills in an international context
Working in project teams.

Career opportunities

Plant constructors, as project managers for plant construction projects, handle the concluded plant purchase agreement, taking into account the general conditions (budgeted costs, deadlines, performance guarantee). They are the interface to the customer or the supplier and coordinate the relevant specialist departments such as process engineering, construction, automation, construction, assembly, accounting, and the legal department. Plant manufacturers are mostly internationally active and therefore need not only social and leadership skills but also excellent English skills.

Graduates of the master’s degree in plant engineering are able to plan, implement, monitor and also manage projects for the construction of process engineering plants. The core industries in which they can be used include, on the one hand, all plant construction companies that build (partial) plants for the process industry , on the other hand, all larger companies in the process industry that have new plants built or expanded.

Apply now! Fall semester 2023/24
Application period has ended
Please see the university profile or contact us for the deadlines that apply to you
Apply now! Fall semester 2023/24
Application period has ended
Please see the university profile or contact us for the deadlines that apply to you